Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Boots his and hers

I love Hunter Boots. I break them out every time there’s a bit of drizzle, to the extent that it’s become a running joke at work. Yes, I get comments that I look like a farmer or Paddington Bear from colleagues, but when my feet are that warm it’s hard to care. Plus, I usually end up charging through puddles and splashing them later.

Until recently, my Hunters were a bit like a Range Rover – a relic from my life in the country where there are pretty much, occasionally literally depending on fence upkeep, cows in my back garden that didn’t really belong in the city. But in the mid-noughties (have I really just used that phrase?) all that changed – ever since Kate Moss was spotted wearing at Glasto, Hunters have been ‘in’. And with profits up 38% at the end of 2011 they show no signs of going out.

Hunter wellies RHS collaboration

When Hunter got in touch with me offering to send me a pair of boots, I felt like taking a pair would be…a waste – three years after buying them my original green pair are still going strong, and surely no-one needs multiple pairs of coloured wellies…except Kate Middleton, maybe. They were however, gracious enough to send a pair for the little woman in my life. Never one to splash money on premium brand clothes for herself, my girlfriend’s face lit up when I presented her with a special collab between Hunter and the Royal* Horticultural Society. She’s been praying for rain ever since.

*That’s not the only thing royal about Hunters – they hold not one, but two Royal Warrants. That puts them in the company of Balmoral Tartan, Rigby & Peller, Twinings and…err, Strongbow.