Neon is cool.  But let’s be clear.  When I say that, I’m talking about stuff like crazy, glitzy, beautiful Vegas and artists like UVA and Tracey Emin, not glowsticks and nu-rave t-shirts from Burton.

Everyone, or at least everyone I know…, is bitching about how technology is killing art but pioneers like UVA show that technological advancement and art aren’t mutually exclusive.  This stuff is particularly of interest to people like me [read: freaks] – I spent some time planning a PhD about Las Vegas and how it engages and breaks with artistic traditions, blah blah blah.  Read ‘Learning From Las Vegas’ by Venturi and Izenour if you want to know more; I was pretty much just going to copy everything they wrote anyway.

Head over to http://thecreatorsproject.com/en-uk/creators/united-visual-artists to check out an interview with UVA, mixed up with a ‘best of’ for The Creators Project.  You’ve probably already seen some of their work in music videos, fashion shows etc – they’ve worked with everyone from U2 and The Chemical Brothers to Vivienne Westwood.

So what will art look like in the future?  I hope it’ll look like UVA…think what Iron Man would watch if he smoked pot and you’re probably pretty close.

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