[P]REVIEW: Unicorn Kid – Pure Space

Firstly, apologies if you have me on Twitter or Facebook because I’ve been going on endlessly about this song. Secondly, I take back that apology because I can’t talk about this song enough. At a conservative estimate, I’ve already listened to it about fifty times this weekend.

With Pure Space, Unicorn Kid not only bucks his already pretty distinctive (tough enough to create as it is – there are only so many video game noises…) take on the chiptune genre by mixing in old school house piano riffs and steel drums. The song is a total chameleon – it comes across completely differently depending on whether you’re listening to it in a club environment, on a summer day at the beach or walking around a city at night. It is by turns cheerful, epic and haunting, and I’m totally at a loss as to how Unicorn Kid has accomplished it.

There is no other word for the video than sublime – it at once recalls the vague meandering style of KidsThe Fifth ElementLost in Translation and (sigh, yes, I SUPPOSE) Skins, alluding to a a narrative that is never fleshed out. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Fader remarks that the video is ‘endlessly screenshotable’, which is completely true – the video encapsulates the nihilism and disenfranchisement of today’s youth better than a thousand Tumblr pages.

Most of all, the video kind of makes me jealous that I’m way too old to have weekends like this anymore. So for that, fuck you Unicorn Kid.


  1. Mary

    Found your blog via your ‘how to pose like a fashion blogger’ posts and am enjoying reading the rest of your posts. Never heard of Unicorn Kid but this song rocks. It may replace my current ‘obsessive listening song’ which is Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run. :D I agree with all the points you made above about the different interpretations of the music depending on surroundings and the aesthetics of the video. It’s the same when I am listening to Bloc Party (first 2 CDs, anyway), it always conjures up images of the city.

    It’s funny how ‘endlessly screenshotable’ can now be a legitimate and relevant term. It perfectly describes the video. Tumblr will catch on soon….

    • Stu Bradley

      Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the track, UK seems poised to break the mainstream – he’s been on Radio 1 and stuff, but at the minute he still has this underground charm.

      So Here We Are by Bloc Party definitely has the same vibe, despite being a totally different style of music! Go figure…

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