‘In My Boyfriend’s Clothes’, Day of the Dead & Gummy Bears

Tonight I realised that it usually takes me about two weeks to write new posts, so I’ve decided to try to write some snappier, shorter posts. Hopefully they don’t make you want to stab yourself in the eyes.

Once upon a time, ‘boyfriend fit’ jeans used to be the exclusive property of…well, female skateboarders and girls who couldn’t actually get a boyfriend. In a very cool new series, High Snobiety is confusing gender stereotypes and uber hetero guys everywhere by dressing girls in their boyfriends’ clothes and having them still look totally hot. Click here for more.

Courtesy of Stylist.

Austrian designer Lena Hoschek’s spring/summer 2013 catwalk show in Berlin, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, featured some pretty edgy makeup. I dig it, but seriously, this isn’t doing much for the myth that most high fashion doesn’t translate very well into the ‘real world’. Then again, I work near the London Dungeons, so I always see promo girls done up like this.

More at DesignTAXI.

Eight year old Stu is crying out ‘OHMAGAWD, GUMMY BEARS’. Twenty four year old Stu is thinking ‘That’s gonna melt in the sun, and we’re gonna have a naked girl standing next to a gummy puddle.’ Also, it takes three people to move it. That translates to like a C+.