BMX Dancing, The Dark Knight Rises & Port St Willow.

Some cool stuff I’ve come across recently.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a man dancing with a BMX. So here’s a man, Alain Massabova to be specific, dancing with a BMX. I’m desperate to make a pun about Swan Lake, so I should move swiftly on before that happens. Swan Brake. (Sorry.) Seriously though, I haven’t found an extreme sports performance this effortlessly balletic since I stumbled across skateboarder, Kilian Martin (widely regarded to be the next Rodney Mullen).

anne hathaway catwoman batcycle

Anne Hathaway. As Catwoman. On the Batcycle. I’m more excited for the release of The Dark Knight Rises than Samantha Brick was that time she went to a mirror factory. If you can’t wait until the release on July 20th, there’s some cool teaser footage in this 13 minute preview.

Trying to describe the music of Port St Willow in words is to do them a disservice. However, if I had to try, I would say this – one part dreamy synth pop, one part American Football…the band, not the sport (though maybe that effect is largely due to an errant trumpet in On Your Side) and one part Bon Iver. In the same way that it’s difficult to imagine the epic, pensive shoegaze melodies of Holiday being constructed in any studio, it’s difficult to listen to the album in a normal environment without it threatening to shut down your brain and transport you somewhere completely different. Hence the album name, I presume. Completely transcendent.

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