Secret Underground Stations & A Vintage Tie

Just in case a (no longer very…) secret underground station in New York that’s half Harry Potter, half Bioshock isn’t cool enough for you, the bits of it that are really illegal to get to are being turned into a pop up graffiti museum. Insanely cool. More pics and info on Travelettes.

This tie. Vintage Gant. £9 on eBay. I shouldn’t have to say anything else, but I will anyway. My two predictions for the next trends to (re)surface are rave, but in a completely different way to nu-rave…writing a post on it very soon, and kitschy Americana. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether a lot of the balding, Western shirt clad men with funny moustaches wandering around Shoreditch are post-ironic hipsters or actual rednecks. Keep your jokes to yourself; one of these groups is so trigger happy that they can’t even make breakfast without a gun.


  1. Sara (@sara_rtth_blog)

    Love that subway station, and would kill to get in there and explore. When I lived in NYC we would ride the 6 train to the end of the line so we could peer out the dark windows to get a glimpse.

    Subway stations ain’t what they used to be, huh?

  2. Elissa

    That station is lovely! You can actually see part of it if you stay on the downtown 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge when it transfers to the uptown track. Very fun!