Scott Pilgrim In Colour & An Actual Batmobile

SOUND THE ALARM. Scott Pilgrim vs the World is being re-released in colour, which is a very good thing. I’m currently undergoing an internal debate about whether or not I love the books enough to spend ~£100 collecting them in colour as well as black and white. Scarily, I’m leaning towards yes. Pro tip: If you’re too cheap to buy it, spend £5 on Sharpies and colour in your black and white editions. If you didn’t realise the Michael Cera movie was an adaptation of a black and white graphic novel, go sit in the corner.

It seems that Lamborghini are looking to expand their target market beyond speed freak kids who equate handbrake turns with pressing the Y button, Persian millionaires who think that wearing Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirts automatically makes them cool and the short one from Top Gear. By making the Ankonian look like the Batmobile, they’re also appealing to thousands of comic book fans like myself. And, let’s face it, a bunch of them will probably get huge VC funding for coming up with ‘the next Facebook’, and actually be able to afford one!

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