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menswear giveaway competition reiss

I’ve seen a lot of blog giveaways before, but I’ve never really seen any for men. I thought I saw one once, but it turned out to be for an all female spa. In hindsight, probably for the best that I didn’t win – I don’t think I’d fit in with my Spongebob towel. So, when Ladbrokes¬†came to me with some man stuff to do a giveaway, I decided to say yes. However, that’s not to say that you ladies aren’t welcome to apply to – maybe you’re really good girlfriends or maybe you want to flog the hamper on eBay (sad face). Or maybe you have a beard…I won’t judge.

Anyway, the contents are as follows –

  • Esquire Magazine’s Handbook of Style
  • Reiss pocket square
  • The Bluebeard’s Revenge shaving foam and brush
  • Love Hearts, yay!

If you fancy a flutter, you can find some more Ladbrokes deals here. Just don’t bet ¬£20 that Janet Devlin will win X Factor and spend three days locked in your room pouting when they get voted out. Like some of us did.

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