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Galaxy Sweaters & See Tickets Fiascos

I totally want this. It’s like galaxy leggings, except for guys (apparently galaxy leggings aren’t for guys…). Had to play a quick game of currency roulette when I read that the price was 179,00zł -literally could have been anywhere between a tenner and six grand. Turns out it’s only £34. I can definitely justify that, right? Sugar Pills have some crazy prints for both guys and girls (and I mean crazy, they make Mary Katrantzou look like a nun), definitely worth checking them out.

No, I’m not saying the boys from Alexisonfire are fugly, but the experience I had this morning definitely was. Despite being online the second tickets for their farewell tour went on sale, See Tickets told me there were none available for 5 minutes before telling me that, actually, they were all sold out. I also tried Ticketmaster, HMV Tickets and all the usual haunts, but to no avail. Oh, but reselling sites like Viagogo and Get Me In somehow managed to score hundreds of tickets to sell at three times face value. Brilliant. Luckily, I was able to snag a standing ticket for the second show that was announced later in the morning, but I’m painfully aware that I’m one of the lucky few to get a second chance. Clearly the episode of Dispatches that dealt with the scuzzy, back-handed tactics employed by tickets sites didn’t actually do much to fix the problem. And boy, does it need fixing.