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Queerness and the construction of masculinity in Fight Club, American Psycho and Frisk

Ladies and gentlemen, my third year dissertation. I’m posting it here because I’ve mentioned it to a couple of people on Twitter who have expressed an interest in reading it. FYI: it gets pretty intense in places, but if you’ve read the books you’d probably expect that.

“‘I dealt with that whole hip bi thing for about three hours back in college.’ I shrug. ‘Big deal.’” – how queerness undermines the construction of masculinity in Dennis Cooper’s novels, American Psycho and Fight Club

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On a plane back to Portland, an airline flight attendant leaned close and asked me to tell him the truth.  His theory was the book [Fight Club] wasn’t really about fighting at all.  He insisted it was really about gay men watching one another fuck in public steambaths.  I told him, yeah, what the hell.  And he gave me free drinks for the rest of the flight.[1]
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