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Fifty Shades of Vacay.

The other morning, upon opening the fridge to find an Xbox controller, it became abundantly clear that I’m in need of a holiday. I’ve managed to grab a couple of days at my parents’ home this week, in part due to some medical check-ups (I’m fine, by the way, you aren’t getting rid of me that easy), and it really reminded me how restorative slowing down for a few days can be. But I know what it’s like – we’re all busy, plugged in all the time, feeling like the world will end if we don’t answer that email that just pinged. Not to mention, if you’re anything like me, money is probably a little tight to be taking weeks off work. So I started thinking about alternative ways to get into the holiday mindset, and this is what I came up with…

Ok, kind of cheating. But even if you can only spare a couple of days, you can still take a vacation. Being a Northern boy, I was raised on trips to the Lake District. I still love it there, and thanks to global warming it doesn’t even rain there every day anymore. I knew all those CFCs were good for something, thanks Liverpool. If you want to check out the lakes, one of the top hotels in Windemere is Storrs Hall. Go on, try to be stressed while you’re checking out this view –

Can’t be done.

Mental Break
Not to be confused with mental breakdown, which is where we’re headed if we keep obsessing about answering emails thirty seconds after we receive them. I know it’s tough for our generation to do but making the decision to unplug for half an hour and NOT tweet every semi-amusing thought we have, or whinge about TFL, can be seriously good for the mind (c.f. the recent study that found spending too much time on social networks can kill creativity, as it encourages consumption rather than creation). As far as I know, the best way to do this is with a book. I read this one twice in the space of a month, and I can’t recommend that you read it enough –

Self Break
No, I’m not suggesting you break your own arm, so please don’t sue NSLL (we have no money anyway…). Just…try something different, whether it’s going to some bar that looks cool or trying a new look. So much of our lives is made up of routine that deviating from it, even slightly, can be a huge relief. Which is kind of depressing. But whatever. My next self break is definitely going to be recreating this outfit from the Commes Des Garçons A/W ’12 lookbook. I probably won’t go around rocking the ‘I AM A BOMB’ look like the dude below though.

If anyone else has any ideas on how to ‘get away’, feel free to send them my way. I could definitely use them…before I try to put the water bill in the toaster again.