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A couple of weeks ago I headed down to The Old Truman Brewery to check out a Shep Fairey exhibition (to be blogged about soon) and, since art makes me pretty hungry, I decided to grab some wings from The Orange Buffalo while I was in the neighbourhood.

With most wings being slathered in butter and Frank’s hot sauce, it’s difficult to go wrong with wings. However, it’s also difficult to do anything…different. Orange Buffalo, however, do just the latter by serving up a range of different sauces (everything from Original and the devilishly spicy Viper to a sweet, spicy Mango Chilli…). All of them are scratch made from fresh chillies, with not a bottle of Frank’s in sight.

Undoubtedly, the best wings I’ve ever eaten are those at Hooters. Given my passion for equality and gender issues, it might come as a surprise that I’m a huge fan of Hooters (having eaten at a lot of them, all over the United States). Yes, I’m aware I probably should find the concept pretty distasteful, but I love it. I’m probably just blinded by my unfailing love for Americana, but it’s so much fun to eat there and everyone is so friendly and cheerful…kinda like if Disneyland made strip clubs. In the past, people have called Hooters an outdated relic and campaigned for them to be shut down. I once heard someone on the radio comparing it to a restaurant called Meatballs, where men in Speedos serve plates of spaghetti. ‘HOW WOULD YOU FEEL THEN, MENFOLK?’ she yelled. Simple – I wouldn’t eat there. (Unless the spaghetti was really good.) While Page 3 is, to some extent, shoved in everybody’s face, the same can hardly be said of Hooters. If you don’t like it, don’t go. Plus, it’s all about the food anyway. And to those who scorn that idea, I once saw two grannies in there with their grandchildren. Barring any possibility of geriatric lesbianism, I defy you to explain that one.

Outside of the US, the best wings I’ve had are at Red Dog Saloon, in Hoxton Square. I find the wings at Bodeans a bit too cumbersome, not to mention lacking spice, and those at Meatliquor much too dry. The wings from Orange Buffalo are easily on par with Red Dog’s – the deep frying process leaves them a little crispier than I would prefer but, overall, they’re fantastic. In case you’re in any doubt as to whether I enjoyed them, check out the picture below. It’s a well known fact that the messier you get during a meal, the better the food is.