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Winter Essentials

I wrote this as a guest post for a friend and (shock horror) I didn’t melt afterwards, even though there’s no controversy or anything. So I thought I’d post it here…

Channelling my inner Dallas Green...
Channelling my inner Dallas Green…

Woolly hat
Sure, kids at hardcore gigs (the same guys who wear Eastpak backpacks and have plugs in their ears the size of Oreos) may wear them all year round but the woolly hat comes into its own in the Winter. Pro tip: I use a pair of fake glasses to keep it at the perfect height and stop it slipping down over my eyes. The downside is that it makes me look like…a douchebag wearing fake glasses.

Grey hoodie
Yes, probably down to the fact that I spent most of my teenage years aspiring to be like One Tree Hill’s Lucas Scott, but I still think a washed out, supersoft grey hoodie takes some beating.

Shirt jacket
Jackets bore me. There, I said it. I’m so not down with dropping £100+ on a huge jacket that will take up a load of space in my already crowded wardrobe…though I will make an exception when I find the parka. I picked up this Ralph Lauren workshirt, pictured above, for £36 at TK Maxx (despite the RRP of £600…). No, seriously. It’s warm, soft and it didn’t require a trip to Oxfam to clear closet space for it. Sorry, Oxfam.

Because facial hair is for life, not just for Movember.

Menswear winter essentials

Cable knit jumper
As well as being a completely classic look, I can also be sure that this won’t start my grandparents off again at Christmas dinner about how nobody dressed like that in their day. In retrospect, wearing a Black Dahlia Murder vest on Christmas Day was a poor decision. Anyway, I got mine at New Look. Ok, so it doesn’t have a little polo player on it, but it was only twenty quid. TWENTY QUID.

Doc Martens
Although they’re best known for big clompy boots, Dr Martens also make some beautiful (and hard wearing) shoes that can take anything from tramping city pavements to walking the dog in a rural snowstorm. Mine even came with a tin of wax to re-waterproof them. It’s only a matter of time before I have too much to drink and use said wax on my moustache.

Ahh, my favourite scarf. Just thinking about it makes my neck warm. Not as warm as actually wearing it does, mind. I’m probably the pickiest person in the world when it comes to scarves; I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I find about 90% of scarves really scratchy. I got mine at Beyond Retro for the princely sum of five pounds. No wonder a friend posted this on my Facebook wall the other day, along with the comment ‘THIS IS YOU’ –